Private Study Courses with Björn Meuris

After a very busy first quarter of live workshops at the WDA, I am pleased to announce that those who have missed out and don’t want to wait till later this year, can now enjoy the same teachings in a different and even more convenient format.

Petit Lenormand, Grand Jeu Lenormand and Petit Etteilla are now available as private study, soon to be followed by Tarot de Marseille and Petit Lenormand Love & Relationships.

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The online courses are conducted in a private Facebook room and are completely self-paced. There are videos and handouts and every lesson comes with exercises on which I give personalised feedback and advice.

The Petit Lenormand Course is based on the Petit Lenormand Encyclopedia and is not just for beginners as it is heavily oriented towards the playing card inserts, to give a whole new dimension to your readings, even when you are a seasoned reader.

Should you still want to join us for a live workshop before the season ends, there are still a couple of seats left for the Tarot de Marseille workshop on April 22nd – suited for both beginners and advanced readers.


I would also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has participated in the workshops so far and all the other students and readers of my books. Thank you for your support!

As most of you already know, I am a co-founder of the World Divination Association and am always available in the Facebook groups for a chat or to answer any questions that you might have. If you are not a member yet, you can join the group for free here:

Finally, all the current and future private study courses can be booked on the website of the World Divination Association:


A bientôt!




A closer look at “20. the Garden”

Traditionally speaking the Garden refers to the querent’s entourage. When this card falls far from the significator card in a Grand Tableau, it literally means that your social network is not as close to you as you would like, and even hints to false friends.


This card gives us more information about our social life, how popular (or unpopular) we are and how engaged we are within our social network.

Based on its distance, N ° 20, the Garden, will shows us how valuable interhuman relationships are and how they will affect our wellbeing.


If this would be a Grand Tableau for a man, the placement of the Garden would indicate that good company and valuable contacts will be within reach during the timescale set.  In the opposite case, a female querent would not be able to enjoy these social privileges and pleasures as the Garden is placed too far from her…


Grand Jeu Lenormand: Short & Sweet

A gentleman who had suddenly found himself in a rather painful and difficult situation asked me for advice on how to handle things in the most appropriate way for all parties concerned.


The “Grand Sujet” of the 4 shows how Jason is being handed a magical drink and powder to fulfil his mission, and carries a promise of protection and assistance for the querent. The flowers on the same card confirm that everything will be okay and that one must not be discouraged!

The 2explains that there will be joy because mistakes that have been made in this situation, will be undone.

On top of that, the 9♣ brings an extra dose of success…

The advice is really simple: keep the faith, everything will soon fall into place!


Do you want to learn how to read these fascinating cards? There are still a couple of spots left in the workshop that starts next week! For more information click the image:


Getting more out of your daily readings!

Working with a topic for your daily readings is a great way to get more detailed information about a specific event or aspect of your day.

In that case the top cards are showing the topic that will be further explained by the three cards below. Here we can see that there will be information (n ° 1, the Rider) that is worrisome (n ° 23, the Mice).


Two possible scenarios… (or perhaps a mix of both).

1 * – The worrisome news will be about a threat (n ° 10, the Scythe) to my reputation or status (n ° 28 + 32, the Man + the Moon).

2 * – The worrisome information might also be concerning certain risks / dangers (n ° 10, the Scythe) in my work situation (n ° 32, the Moon as a life area card for work).

Do you want to learn how to work with the Petit Lenormand cards or get new insights to improve your current reading techniques? Join us next Monday for the Lenormand Level 1 Workshop!

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Have a great weekend!

Björn & Ruth

Petit vs Grand Jeu Lenormand

Mlle. Marie-Anne Lenormand (27-05-1772 to 23-06-1843) is beyond any doubt one of the most influential cartomancers and fortune tellers of all time. Shortly after her death, several card games were named after her, even though they had never been used by her. This was of course a clever example of 19th century marketing. The two most famous “Lenormand” games are undoubtedly the 36-card “Le Petit Lenormand” and “Le Grand Jeu Lenormand” with 54 cards.


The most popular one, Le Petit Lenormand, is much older than Le Grand Jeu and has its origin in Germany. It is a divination game that first existed under the name “Das Spiel der Hoffnung”, the Game of Hope, and which originally appeared on the market in 1799. After Mlle. Lenormand’s death, this game was re-released under the name Wahrsagekarten Mlle. Lenormand and was soon taken over by other card manufacturers in Germany, Belgium and France, who all released their own editions. This deck can be used for small readings but its traditional purpose was to be laid out in a Grand Tableau, using all 36 cards.


In the same period, the renowned French card maker Grimaud published “Le Grand Jeu Lenormand”. This extremely complex but interesting card game is completely different in structure and method compared to any other card system. Each card contains a mix of images which refer to different forms of divination: playing cards, astrology, geomancy, flowers and letters. Furthermore, in the middle, on the largest image, there is a story from Greek mythology. The small images below depict daily life scenes from the 19th century.

Different layouts can be used when consulting the Grand Lenormand. The images of one card are then connected to those of the other cards. The cards are packed with information and surprising storylines and they provide beautiful, comprehensive and accurate readings.


These cards have clearly been inspired by the authentic method and interests of Marie-Anne herself. In many of her books you will find proof of her fascination for Greek mythology, and her knowledge of flowers and astrology. Testimonials from customers explain how she used large painted cards that contained astrological signs, flowers and letters.

Every true Lenormand fan should have Le grand Jeu Lenormand in their collection. While Marie-Anne never truly revealed the details of the cards she worked with, this system comes definitely closest to what she used two centuries ago.




Lenormand Combination Tips #1

N° 11, the Whip + n° 21, the Mountain –

An argument (n° 11) that encounters resistance (n° 21).

Another option: a rather hostile (n ° 21)  outburst (n° 11) or “hate speech” in a different context …

The options are endless and depend on the specific context of the question.


The exact authentic and traditional meanings and methods for the Petit Lenormand can be found in the Petit Lenormand Encyclopedia! Do you also want to learn how to work with these cards and read them as they should be read? CLICK HERE!