Petit Etteilla: quick & to the point!

I often consult the Petit Etteilla when I need a quick and simple answer, as I find it to be particularly well suited for that purpose (amongst many other things).


A friend of mine was preoccupied about a situation involving his property and wanted to know what the chances were of maintaining his current house.

Petit Etteilla cards are always read from right to left so 10 + ♠ 7 shows a start of the process, in which one will take a strong position with regards to the reversed Queen of Clubs, who stands for “Epouse” = partner. Then we see a backlash in the situation and the perspective becomes unstable ( D) for the person in question (♣ B reversed).


The chances of being able to keep the house are not very good according to these cards. It would be advisable to think about a plan B.




Nail it every time with Kipper Cards!

Do you have any idea how amazingly accurate Kipper cards are?? Now is your chance to find out for yourself – almost for free!!! I promise you that this course will blow your socks off!! The spreads that you will learn have never been published anywhere before and are absolutely life changing – trust me!!

Private Eye with Toni Puhle – This course is here to share with us everything we need to know to dissect a situation with Kipper Cards. 🔮 🔮 So put on your best Sherlock Holmes or Veronica Mars game face and let’s do some private eye work with the Kipper cards.


Kipper Cards – Private Eye

The Kipper Cards have arrived at the Tarot Summer School! If you haven’t had the pleasure of a Kipper Card read then you are in for a treat!

Kipper Cards are a 36 Card deck stemming back to 19th Century Germany. Until recently, Kipper was almost unheard of in the English speaking Card Reading Community. Toni released The Card Geek’s Guide to Kipper at the end of last year and now Kipper is high on the agenda around the world, including Readers Studio Conference in New York and TABI conference in the UK.

In this course you will learn how to dissect a situation down into the minutest detail and predict the future – good old fashioned system fortune telling – no margin for error allowed!

Lessons Include:

Lesson 1 – Situation
How to assess a given situation and what information we can gain without knowing our Querent.

Lesson 2 – Detect
Use your Kipper Cards to delve deeper into the situations and discover whether there are any major players in the game.

Lesson 3 – Interview
How to interview “suspects” – discover who is involved and what their true motives are.

Lesson 4 – Forensics
Drill down and extract any evidence available

Lesson 5 – Predict
Clearly predict the future of this given situation!
🔮 🔮


Hurry up, get started and let me know how you like it!!!



Tarot de Marseille Reflections


LE DIABLE XV illuminates a path with his torch, aiming to deceive us. The path that is highlighted is one that urges us to grab a stick, literally or figuratively. The deception may consist of the impossibility of holding the stick properly, causing us to fail. This is what LE DIABLE knows and wants…


The same cards inverted show a scene where someone takes a stick to fight evil. He is cursed by LE DIABLE’s right hand (whereas LE PAPE, V, blesses the card to his right, the Devil curses the card on the left). A confrontation is imminent …


The Art of Asking Questions

How well do you ask questions when consulting the cards? Do you take the time to formulate the question in such a way that there will be absolutely no doubt that the cards will show you exactly the type of information you are after? From my experience too many readers fail to even think about the issue.


Cards will answer the actual question, not what you meant to ask but eventually didn’t because you failed to convert your thoughts into a clear, unambiguous question. Broad questions will result in vague answers that are either tricky to interpret or that can go in so many different directions that it’s easy to simply mold the interpretation to an answer that suits you.

Don’t ask “What do I need to know about this relationship?” because you won’t know what type of answer you will be getting. Will it be a description of the current situation? Or an advice on how to deal with it? Or perhaps the cards will be showing you how the relationship will develop in the near future… So how are you going to interpret it?

Take the time to think about what you want to know, write it down if you need to and make sure your question is direct, succinct and well-defined. If you are in doubt about something, don’t ask “Should I…?” because who are you asking to decide for you in that case? Rather ask for outcomes, compare different possibilities and look at pros and cons of the options you are considering.

Use common sense when sitting down with your cards. Especially when you are in love or dealing with questions about matters of the heart because that’s where people tend to lose their ability to think. Avoid questions such as “Is he the one?”, “Will I find love again?” or “Does she have feelings for me?”. The cards have no idea what your definition is of “the one” apart from the fact that it might as well be the one for the coming 6 months before the next one comes along rather than the one you will spend the rest of your life with. When asking about love and feelings, be specific – there are many forms of love and feelings.

Get your questions right before anything else. The accuracy of the answer depends on it before your ability as a reader even comes into play.




Petit Etteilla: relationship outlook

A lady wants to know if she will start a new relationship in the near future.


Since we read the Petit Etteilla from right to left, I can immediately tell her that the answer is yes. In the last spot, to the far left, sits the King of (reversed) , which as you can see on top of the card, represents “Un Homme” (a man). Nevertheless, the 9 of falling right in front of him points to a delay (“Retard”). The trio of club cards, 9 of ♣ + 8 of ♣ (reversed) + 7 of ♣ (reversed) indicates that the effect of shyness will create a distance.

Conclusion: Yes, there is still a relationship in store for you, but keep in mind that this might take a long time. Either you or your future partner will keep things at bay due to shyness or embarrassment.



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Lenormand: Back to the Roots

Lenormand roots are linked back to Das Spiel Der Hoffnung which was a popular Parlour Game in the late 1700s and early 1800s, the game consisted of 36 Cards each with a simple Symbol and a Playing Card assigned to each card. The aim of the game was to be the first to get to the Anchor Card in spot 35. Along the way the Players found their way through auspicious and inauspicious cards which either catapulted them forward, hindered their progress or in the worst case returned them to the beginning of the game.

If you are interested in exploring the grass roots of Lenormand and the Game of Hope, I can highly recommend to take Toni Puhle’s workshop. Not only will you receive original translations of the German Instructions, you will also gain an insight into the techniques that live on in Germany today.


In this workshop you will visit the instructions that are held by the British Museum (ca.1800-1850) and learn how these can influence your favourite Lenormand Deck using early techniques.

These techniques have been learned from generations of German Readers who trace the system back to the Game of Hope and who stick very closely to the techniques of the 19th Century!

Not only will you be discovering meanings for your cards that highlight their roots but you will also be learning the method of directions that was originally used in Germany and is still very much alive today!

Take a step back in time and respect the origins of the Lenormand System.

Students receive a Certificate upon succesful completion of the Examination.

Hurry up because the workshop starts on Monday!!


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