Is the relationship really over?

A lady who had been going through a rough patch in her relationship wanted to know if it was really over…

The answer I got from Le Petit Cartomancien was painfully clear with no room for doubt.


The reversed 9 of, shows “Brouille en amour ou en famille”, which translates to love troubles in this context. The reversed Ace of ♠ refers to “Abandon”, abandonment. This bad news will finally be delivered by the “Facteur”.

Unfortunately I had to disappoint this lady and tell her to be prepared to receive some bad news…



“Aux Dames” – an ode to the ladies

Sometimes the most unusual places reveal the most unexpected treasures. When going through some of my antique decks, I stumbled upon this little gem that accompanied the first instructions of the “Le Petit Cartomancien” deck by Grimaud. An hommage to all the card reading ladies…


”A gallant man should always honour the ladies for the success of his undertakings. One might think I am merely being gallant when seeing this dedication, but that would only be part of the truth. As a matter of fact, I have an additional aim: our destiny is in the hands of the ladies; therefore it is only appropriate to dedicate a publication to them whose sole purpose is to reflect on the secrets of destiny. There is another reason that leads me to this as well. Often, when a beautiful lady consults the magical cards, she tries to lift a tip of the veil on the future.

She is only driven to this act of curiosity by pure tenderness, a laudable sentiment: it’s for a father, a son, a spouse, that she wants to look into the future. How she quivers when an ill-fated card appears before her eyes! How she rejoices at the sight of a good omen in favour of the one she loves! Oh ladies! You are more sensitive than we are, which is why you want to know the future. How happy is he who sees the one he cherishes foretell his destiny from the symbolic figures and reassure him that happiness is just around the corner! At that moment he believes not in the cards, but in his friend’s smile.”


Isn’t it just beautiful?

I hope you enjoyed it and wish you all – ladies and gallant men – a happy Valentines Day!