Private Study Courses with Björn Meuris

After a very busy first quarter of live workshops at the WDA, I am pleased to announce that those who have missed out and don’t want to wait till later this year, can now enjoy the same teachings in a different and even more convenient format.

Petit Lenormand, Grand Jeu Lenormand and Petit Etteilla are now available as private study, soon to be followed by Tarot de Marseille and Petit Lenormand Love & Relationships.

You are our hero! (7)

The online courses are conducted in a private Facebook room and are completely self-paced. There are videos and handouts and every lesson comes with exercises on which I give personalised feedback and advice.

The Petit Lenormand Course is based on the Petit Lenormand Encyclopedia and is not just for beginners as it is heavily oriented towards the playing card inserts, to give a whole new dimension to your readings, even when you are a seasoned reader.

Should you still want to join us for a live workshop before the season ends, there are still a couple of seats left for the Tarot de Marseille workshop on April 22nd – suited for both beginners and advanced readers.


I would also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has participated in the workshops so far and all the other students and readers of my books. Thank you for your support!

As most of you already know, I am a co-founder of the World Divination Association and am always available in the Facebook groups for a chat or to answer any questions that you might have. If you are not a member yet, you can join the group for free here:

Finally, all the current and future private study courses can be booked on the website of the World Divination Association:


A bientôt!





Petit Etteilla: quick & to the point!

I often consult the Petit Etteilla when I need a quick and simple answer, as I find it to be particularly well suited for that purpose (amongst many other things).


A friend of mine was preoccupied about a situation involving his property and wanted to know what the chances were of maintaining his current house.

Petit Etteilla cards are always read from right to left so 10 + ♠ 7 shows a start of the process, in which one will take a strong position with regards to the reversed Queen of Clubs, who stands for “Epouse” = partner. Then we see a backlash in the situation and the perspective becomes unstable ( D) for the person in question (♣ B reversed).


The chances of being able to keep the house are not very good according to these cards. It would be advisable to think about a plan B.



Petit Etteilla: relationship outlook

A lady wants to know if she will start a new relationship in the near future.


Since we read the Petit Etteilla from right to left, I can immediately tell her that the answer is yes. In the last spot, to the far left, sits the King of (reversed) , which as you can see on top of the card, represents “Un Homme” (a man). Nevertheless, the 9 of falling right in front of him points to a delay (“Retard”). The trio of club cards, 9 of ♣ + 8 of ♣ (reversed) + 7 of ♣ (reversed) indicates that the effect of shyness will create a distance.

Conclusion: Yes, there is still a relationship in store for you, but keep in mind that this might take a long time. Either you or your future partner will keep things at bay due to shyness or embarrassment.



*** If you are interested in learning how to read the Petit Etteilla together with me, there are still a couple of spots available in the workshop that starts next Monday ***

You can register here!



Online Workshops: FAQ & Updates!

What exactly is an online workshop?

An interactive course in a private Facebook classroom where you get direct information and feedback from the cartomancy experts. All the workshops run five days and can be completed in your own time, no matter what time zone you are in.


Are they only for beginners?

Absolutely not! Even as an experienced reader you will get a lot out of the workshops because they are completely interactive. Apart from the fact that it’s always a good idea to refresh your knowledge and get new insights, you will have the opportunity to ask all the questions you have always wanted to ask.

What will I gain from the workshop?

A solid foundation or important upgrade of your knowledge, hands-on and personalised advice that will boost your confidence. All your doubts and insecurities put to rest and most likely a couple of new friends who are as passionate as you are about the system they are studying! You will also get an official WDA certificate upon successful completion of the course.

What workshops are currently available and how do I sign up?






All the workshops can be booked HERE!


If you have any other questions, please drop them in the comments and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Question for the Petit Etteilla, Coup de Cinq

A female querent wants to know if applying for the position of  “front office manager” would be beneficial for her. I decided to consult the Petit Etteilla.


Etteilla cards are traditionally read from right to left. The first card is our (preselected) significator, the Lady of

The cards answer in their typical “Etteilla style”, loud and clear but with the necessary amount of drama. The 8 of ♠ speaks of “prudentia”, the centuries-old allegory for wisdom and prudence. The “family name” of the reversed King of ♠ is weakness/cowardice. The reversed 9 of ♣ refers to a gift (first name) and the 10 of  brings gold. The last card in the row is the 10 of ♣, “apple of eye”. Now we just need to translate this into a comprehensible language that fits the context of the question.


Dear A,

Regardless of what the cards are telling us, I would say just go for it if you are interested in the job. Unless your application might compromise your current position or situation. There is nothing in this spread that advises against applying for the job. Just keep in mind that you might not end up being the chosen one. The cards are telling you to be careful because there is a certain cowardice/unfairness at play that sees the contextual gold (the job) being offered to someone who has already been favoured (apple of eye).  

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, but it looks like someone else will grab the loot…



If you are interested in working with the Petit Etteilla system and want to learn how to read the cards as they should be read, I offer a unique course based on the original source. You can book it here.