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Tarot de Marseille Reflections


LE DIABLE XV illuminates a path with his torch, aiming to deceive us. The path that is highlighted is one that urges us to grab a stick, literally or figuratively. The deception may consist of the impossibility of holding the stick properly, causing us to fail. This is what LE DIABLE knows and wants…


The same cards inverted show a scene where someone takes a stick to fight evil. He is cursed by LE DIABLE’s right hand (whereas LE PAPE, V, blesses the card to his right, the Devil curses the card on the left). A confrontation is imminent …


Tarot de Marseille reflections

When L’AMOUREUX represents a choice that we have to make, the card to the left will describe the best option while the one to the right will tell you what you shouldn’t do (the choice based on “desire”).

Looking at this example, there are several possibilities.


1 – Do not choose what sounds like music to your ears or don’t listen to those who toot their own horns just because it satisfies your desires with regards to the current situation…

The correct choice would be based upon the characteristics that L’HERMITE embodies. Whereas LE JUGEMENT is loud and wants to be noticed, L’HERMITE shows isolation and modesty.

2 – Don’t judge…

Act like L’HERMITE, examine everything thoroughly…