Nail it every time with Kipper Cards!

Do you have any idea how amazingly accurate Kipper cards are?? Now is your chance to find out for yourself – almost for free!!! I promise you that this course will blow your socks off!! The spreads that you will learn have never been published anywhere before and are absolutely life changing – trust me!!

Private Eye with Toni Puhle – This course is here to share with us everything we need to know to dissect a situation with Kipper Cards. 🔮 🔮 So put on your best Sherlock Holmes or Veronica Mars game face and let’s do some private eye work with the Kipper cards.


Kipper Cards – Private Eye

The Kipper Cards have arrived at the Tarot Summer School! If you haven’t had the pleasure of a Kipper Card read then you are in for a treat!

Kipper Cards are a 36 Card deck stemming back to 19th Century Germany. Until recently, Kipper was almost unheard of in the English speaking Card Reading Community. Toni released The Card Geek’s Guide to Kipper at the end of last year and now Kipper is high on the agenda around the world, including Readers Studio Conference in New York and TABI conference in the UK.

In this course you will learn how to dissect a situation down into the minutest detail and predict the future – good old fashioned system fortune telling – no margin for error allowed!

Lessons Include:

Lesson 1 – Situation
How to assess a given situation and what information we can gain without knowing our Querent.

Lesson 2 – Detect
Use your Kipper Cards to delve deeper into the situations and discover whether there are any major players in the game.

Lesson 3 – Interview
How to interview “suspects” – discover who is involved and what their true motives are.

Lesson 4 – Forensics
Drill down and extract any evidence available

Lesson 5 – Predict
Clearly predict the future of this given situation!
🔮 🔮


Hurry up, get started and let me know how you like it!!!




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