Le Grand Jeu, coup de trois about love

I often consult Le Grand Jeu when I need a quick but detailed answer to a specific question. One of the last readings I did was for single lady who wanted to know if and when she could expect to find true love…


The querent is represented by the female person card in the deck (Lady).

The “grand sujet” on the central Ace of Diamonds card shows a meeting between Mercury and Harpocrates. It depicts an atmosphere of utter discretion and confidentiality. The flower meaning warns for indiscretion surrounding this particular situation.


This is connected with the lady shown on the “sujet droite” of the 10 of Spades card to the left who is abusing someone’s trust by stealing something from a drawer.

thumbnail_wp_20171119_09_10_45_pro (1)

The police officer on the “sujet de gauche” of the Five of Diamonds is keeping a close eye on the situation though…

This card also has an astrological correspondence (sign of Scorpio) and serves as a time indicator; it refers to a period of 240 days or an age between 50-55 years.

Conclusion: the answer is yes, the lady will find true love, albeit in a rather unconventional way. It looks like circumstances will prevent her from acting freely.  The cards are advising her to be discrete, which could point to a relationship that might need to be kept silent for one reason or another. Other people might pose a threat (♠10) and there might be legal implications (5). The 50-55 time indicator (between the age of 50 and 55) shows that this is the period in her life that she needs to focus on. In that vein, the coming 240 days will be significant towards the unfolding of the events described by the cards.




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    1. Björn is working on a course/workshop in English that will be offered through the WDA later this year! If you’re not a member yet of the World Divination Association Group on Facebook, I would definitely recommend to join us there as well (just click the picture in the right sidebar). Thank you! 🙂


    1. Dear Bob. First of all I have to admit that what I do here with the timing is not as it is supposed to be. This is something I add on in “smaller” Grand Jeu spreads. The timing that goes along with this card is accurate though but to get a grasp of timeframes we are supposed to do special spreads, with ONLY the cards that have Zodiac correspondences. In cartomancy especially from that era you will find a certain spread for a certain question or life area, the same here, where a zodiac card on a special location in the spread will point out the timeframe. The same goes for the geomantic symbols, letters and playingcards…they are all meant for certain questions and not read as a whole. But they do get their climate from the big picture. What I do here is a little freewheeling with the system, and when a card with a timeframe comes up I tend to speak out about that timeframe. When I would have two cards, well…I try to point out with my ovaries which time best suits the context o Regards! Björn-

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